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Our philosophy

At LAYAC, we wake up every morning with such energy cause we know that we are going to have one of the best coffees in the world when we get to work. And as we love our job, we want you to get in it.

Get the good and delicious by firewood roasting

Our ancestors did not use gas or electricity to transform their food, and since they liked simple but tasty things, we decided that we would do as they did.

We roast in the coolest way : firewood - and our wood is local and certified from sustainable forestry. Learn more (pefc) .

Our job, our DNA and our added value is firewood roasting : it's more eco-efficient, and the must is the exceptional result in the cup : why? Just taste it ! and it may be possible that you will never again have a coffee "like before" ... Find out more .

Get the good and the delicious through specialty coffees

The SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) is an international organization that rates coffees from all over the world. If the traceability and organoleptic qualities of the coffee obtain a score> 80/100 then it will be considered "specialty."

We know the location and altitude of field, which varieties are cultivated, and which method is used. Find out more (SCA France).

These characteristics fall right down to the cup. We exclusively roast organic and 100% Arabica specialty coffees to offer an experience that will honor the work of the entire branch. Find out more .

We support a cause we care about.

LAYAC is committed to donate 1% of its profits to the "Réé 'app' la Vie" foundation, a fund that supports research and innovation to facilitate the daily lives of people with physical disabilities. Learn more (IRMA).

Notre philosophie

Our values

Nos valeurs.jpg
Nos valeurs

Notre engagement

Chez LAYAC, nous sommes heureux de pouvoir agir, grâce à vous, à l'amélioration du quotidien des personnes en situation de handicap moteur.

C'est pourquoi nous nous engageons auprès du Fonds de dotation Réé' App la Vie ! en leur reversant 2% du CA des ventes de café réalisées sur notre site WEB.

"La main sur le coeur"

Pour chaque achat de café sur notre site WEB, vous agissez concrètement en faveur de l'innovation au service de l'autonomie et de l'inclusion des personnes handicapées !

Merci pour eux !

LAYAC agit en faveur des personnes handicapées !
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